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Learning Music Is hard,
so Your Lessons Shouldn't Be

There are a lot of reasons that learning to make music is challenging but racism, colonialism, queerphobia, ableism, white supremacy, eurocentrism, discrimination on the basis of religious minority, and other bigotry should never be the things that make learning music hard for you.

Here are some other things that make learning music more difficult (that we work to avoid):

  • not having a good student-instructor match

  • instructors who believe that there is "one right way" to learn, teach or create music

  • feeling or being pressured into learning an instrument you don't enjoy/aren't interested in (especially for young students like kids and teens)

  • a lack of focus on your individualized needs, strengths, and interests 

  • one-size-fits-all approaches to learning​

At Fractal School of Music, our utmost priority is our students.  Because of that, it is paramount that we always work towards greater accessibility, inclusion, equity, and justice.  Our commitment to you is to continually improve and never stop learning and striving to better serve you because music is for everyone.

A few important notes about and values of our school include:

  • We are a trans-owned business and specialize in the transgender and transitioning singing voice.

  • We focus on decolonizing work in our teaching practice and dismantling longstanding racist inaccuracies about music history.

  • Our school is committed to anti-racist action - endeavoring to teach without perpetuating racism is nowhere near enough in an inherently racist society.

  • One of our values is that we don't gatekeep knowledge, so instead we share free resources and work to make our lessons as equitably accessible as possible.

About Us

Fractal School of Music was founded by a music teacher who couldn't stand by while marginalized students fell through the cracks of music education.  We believe that every student can achieve personal excellence with truly individualized education based on the student's unique goals and learning styles.

Our instructors work collaboratively with each student to create a tailored educational plan.  We currently serve students all across North and South America and the nature of our online lessons and services make them available anywhere in the world.

With education this personalized, the student-teacher relationship is critical - that's why your first lesson will always be free*.  Check out our offerings below, or feel free to contact us to discuss your musical goals with our team.  Music is for you - get started today!

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