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Music is for everyone.

Our mission is multifaceted and ever-evolving:

We are passionate about the accessibility of music education, so we work to make it available to anybody who wants to experience the joy of learning to make music. 

We also strive to encourage and foster inclusivity and representation of the incredible diversity of humans who have and continue to create and shape our art.

In addition, we understand the deep importance of community, and are working to create a safe and welcoming online global student environment.

We're here to teach you music - no matter who or where you are. ​

We truly believe that anyone can learn music.  Our educational philosophy is based on an understanding that each student has specific needs and deserves a tailored approach to help them succeed.

At Fractal, our mission is for each student to achieve personal excellence.  What constitutes "personal excellence" is unique to each student and depends on their goals and needs.

One learner, for example, may be most interested in learning how to play songs but have less of a desire to learn musical analysis.  Another may have a goal of being able to feel the beat in ways they haven't before, or perhaps want to learn music theory almost exclusively. 

Personal excellence is by nature subjective and directly related to the learner's interests, abilities, and motivation.  It is not an end point, but rather an evolving journey that grows with each individual.  Our teachers work with each student to discover their strengths and help support and guide them as the meet and exceed their goals.

One Right Way

There's More than One Right Way to Learn Music!

Commonly, students lose interest in learning music because they're forced into a certain mold of how music "should" be.  They're told that there is a "right" way of making music, and are disciplined if they don't do things that way.

While we do have a strong focus on injury prevention, we understand that each person's relationship with their art is different, and every musician is a unique individual - everything down to the shape and size of our bodies can impact how best to learn and use our instruments.

For more about music, learning, music basics, and more, check out our blog!  We are building a resource library and have lots of fun surprises planned like guest posts, meet-the-instructors, and notes from our founder!

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