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Instructor, Vocals and Keyboard/Piano

Sebastian is an experienced professional vocalist and multi-instrumentalist who is currently involved with live-streaming music events and has played numerous venues in both the greater Seattle and Omaha, Nebraska areas. Having started in music at six years old, Sebastian honed his skills and abilities while studying at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln School of Music. During his career, Sebastian has performed a wide variety of genres including gospel, jazz, soul, and rock n’ roll in addition to popular music of the ‘60s through ‘90s as well as barbershop and opera. He has had the pleasure of entertaining audiences in large-scale venues with up to 12,000 in attendance; local establishments and concert halls; and more casual but intimate settings such as assisted living facilities and cafés.

In addition to his capabilities as a vocalist, Sebastian is an accomplished piano player and keyboardist. He is also a professional music instructor currently specializing in vocals and keyboard/piano with Fractal School of Music, having previously taught musical theatre and dance at Robin Welch Dance Arts. Sebastian also enjoys arranging and composing music and has directed a variety of performances including a highly successful fundraising event benefiting Nebraska Make-A-Wish. As a teacher, Sebastian believes that a musician never stops learning and looks forward to the next chapter.


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